Who we are

Welcome to the homepage for the Sketch Recognition Lab at Texas A&M University! Here at the SRL, we are interested in the integration of sketch and gesture recognition into traditional user interfaces.

Tracy Hammond

Honghoe Kim

Manoj Prasad

Murat Russell

Paul Taele

David Turner

Stephanie Valentine

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Mechanix Article Published in AI Magazine

Stephanie Valentine wins Susan M. Arseven Award

Manoj Prasad Awarded Dissertation Fellowship!

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The work of the SRL is supported by grants:

  • Computing Research Association (CRA): Civil Engineering Sketch Workbook
  • DARPA: Deep Green Commander's Associate (BAE)
  • DARPA: Deep Green Commander's Associate (SAIC)
  • DARPA: Computer Science Study Group (IDA)
  • Google Faculty Award: Sketch Recognition: Algorithms, Interfaces, and a Platform for Engineering Education and Beyond
  • NSF 0744150: Developing Perception-based Geometric Primitive-shape and Constraint Recognizers to Empower Instructors to Build Sketch Systems in the Classroom
  • NSF 0757557: Pilot: Let Your Notes Come Alive: The SkRUI Classroom Sketchbook
  • NSF 0935219: Civil Engineering Sketch Workbook
  • NSF 0935822: Travel Supplement for 0757557
  • NSF 0942400: Sketched-Truss Recognition Tutoring System
  • NSF 0943999: REU Supplement for 0757557
  • NSF 1041888: REU Support for Creative IT grant
  • NSF 1129525: Collaborative Research: Enabling Instructors to Teach Statics Actively
  • ONR Polarity Labs: Multimodal Interface for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Rockwell Collins: Charitable Corporation University Grants Allocations